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Eliana Perez

UI and Systems Programmer

Who am I?

My name is Eliana, a recent graduate of Video Game Programming at Champlain College. My goal is to create games that help bring more diversity and inclusion into the game industry. I’m passionate about learning new things about game development and language.

Dealing with a Difficult Week

The past few weeks have been tough on everyone. Being cooped up at home is stressful, and can negatively affect mental health. One of the worst parts is not being able to tell exactly when one week ends and another begins. While I have been keeping up with my weekly schedule (with a few tweeks),…

Keeping a Daily and Weekly Routine

In this trying time, keeping a daily routine is a must. For years I’ve found that days I don’t touch my planner, I don’t get much done. Even just writing down a list (and ignoring it later) helps me be more productive. One thing I still struggle with is finding time for both short term…

Shifting from School to Home

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, I’m no longer working from my dorm room. Luckily, I live only four hours from my college, so I was able to retrieve all of my belongings. While our spring break was extended, teachers are still trying to figure out how online classes are going to work. Essay and Reading…

+1 914 588 4554

Nyack NY, 10960