Keeping a Daily and Weekly Routine

In this trying time, keeping a daily routine is a must. For years I’ve found that days I don’t touch my planner, I don’t get much done. Even just writing down a list (and ignoring it later) helps me be more productive. One thing I still struggle with is finding time for both short term projects and long term projects.

This is where a daily routine comes in. One of my professors recommended that we each nail down a routine while being home. Usually, in school, we have classes and fairly structured meals. Because of the shift from physical to remote instruction, most of our structure has been taken away. If I keep my routine roughly the same every day, it’ll be easier to stay on track

Despite being a programmer, I often prefer everything to be pen and paper instead of digital. When I have to plan meetings with larger teams, however, pen and paper calendars won’t do. To make collaboration easier, I’ve chosen google calendar as my go to calendar.

While some might think it is unnecessary, I find scheduling out mundane tasks like showering and eating to be very helpful. If I don’t see it, sometimes I forget. This is especially true when I’m working. For the first few weeks of this schedule, I’m having friends and family keep me accountable for following it. Sometimes having someone else tell you to do something keeps you on track.

I also made sure to schedule in “me time”. I often work very hard for a few days and burn myself out. Making sure I don’t work to hard is something I’m working on, so setting aside time to wind down is essential.

I’ll try my best to keep to it. I may do an update post on how I tweak the schedule in the future. Wish me luck!


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