Dealing with a Difficult Week

The past few weeks have been tough on everyone. Being cooped up at home is stressful, and can negatively affect mental health. One of the worst parts is not being able to tell exactly when one week ends and another begins. While I have been keeping up with my weekly schedule (with a few tweeks), it is getting progressively more and more difficult to tell days apart without being at school or seeing friends. Even summer vacation usually feels different, with many stores closed on Sundays, there is a rhythm to the week.

While I’m having trouble reflecting on a specific week, I think being cooped up did lead to some positive outcomes. I learned that despite my introvertive tendencies, I do rely on social interaction. Because of this, I’ve become more comfortable expanding my social circle to online communities. It’s somewhat reassuring (and scary) to hear that everyone is struggling in similar ways that I am. One of my college-age friends has completely shifted to a nocturnal schedule without classes to keep him on schedule!

Another issue I’ve been working around is technical issues. As a programmer, it is imperative that I have a machine I can use for work. My tower, the one I use for the majority of classes, is having issues running Unreal Engine 4 and Visual Studio, the two programs I need the most. This is partially my fault. I knew my computer was getting too old, but I was not proactive in getting a replacement. I assumed I could milk use out of this pc until the end of college, and then I would consider getting a new one. The inability to use our school’s lab computers was something I never expected, so there wasn’t an urgency for me to fix my tower. On the bright side, I bought a new rig that should last me for the next ten years. It hopefully will ship in a couple of weeks.

This is my new rig:

I’m very excited for when it comes!


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